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Drying Equipment Hire

Need to rent some drying equipment to deal with a flooding incident yourself? No problem - At we have a large fleet of the latest types of professional specification drying equipment for hire at very competitive rates (see comparative rate table below).

Unlike the traditional equipment hire shops, our service does not just stop at hiring equipment. We can give you as much or as little professional assistance and advice as you require to get your property dried out. For example, we can deliver and professionally install equipment on site (often free of charge within our catchment area) to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.

If required we can also regularly revisit your property and monitor the drying out to ensure you have the equipment on hire for the shortest possible time and that your property is properly dried out (extra charges apply).

The latest equipment:

Most hire shops only carry traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers - as well as a large fleet of these, we can also supply the latest dessicant models.

Ask about our rapid drying system. We have also invested in the very latest drying technology – Using our advanced drying system we can now provide the equipment to dry properties in days not weeks.

Compare our prices!

Guideline prices, all plus VAT:


£ Per Week

£ Per Month

Domestic Dehumidifier



Medium Dehumidifier



Large Dehumidifier



Extra Large Dehumidifier



Air Mover



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