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Flood Damage Restoration

At we have over 17 years experience in dealing with flood damage. When disaster strikes we can provide emergency flood damage response services to offer advice and help to begin the restoration of your property.

With any damage from flooding speed is of the essence. In most cases we can have fully trained emergency plumbers, electricans and damage assessment technicians with you on site within 24 hours. In an emergency, we can often respond within 2 hours.

Our attending flood damage assessment technician will make a full assessment of the extent of the damage. We deal with any immediate repairs and make safe. If your flood is serious, you may need to make a claim with your insurance company. We have many years of experience dealing with most of the major insurance companies in regards to flood damage claims and will be able to best advise you on making your claim.

We will install the most effective drying equipment for your flood. Failing to ensure a property is adequately dry after a flood can cause damage to new decorations that may not show for several months. At we guarantee our work and can provide a certificate of dryness for your insurer or your own peace of mind once our works are completed. Also, any areas that remain wet have the risk of micro-organism growth that lead to mould and fungus. As a matter of course we carry out full decontamination treatment to all areas affected by water damage.

Not claiming on insurance? No problem. We can hire drying equipment to you and can even give technical advice on how best to dry your property that you won’t get from any hire shop!

Flood Damage Response and Restoration

Here’s an example of how we can help if you suffer flood damage to your property:

Ask about our rapid drying technology

At we have invested in the latest rapid building drying technology. If you need to get back into your home or office quickly we have an advanced drying system that will dry properties in days not weeks

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