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Thermal Imaging Camera Technology
Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection

Leak Detection

At we have invested in the very latest thermal imaging camera technology. Our fully trained technicians can usually locate the hidden leak quickly with minimal resultant damage to floors and walls.

Many insurance policies do not include cover for ‘trace and access’ and so making good any damage caused whilst locating a leak may not be covered. Also, many insurers now do not cover the cost of replacing ‘matching’ items such as ceramic tiles.

As well as significantly reducing the potential overall cost of the claim to you or your insurer, it minimises the inconvenience caused by traditional destructive methods.

Leak Detection Services

Here is an example case of how we were able to help with a difficult leak detection to a ceramic tiled floor:

Our customer noticed a possible problem from a leaking heating pipe buried in a solid concrete subfloor under his ceramic tiles. Damp was noticed up the walls and grout appeared visibly darker to a large area of floor. Insurers informed him that he was not covered for replacing undamaged tiles. He was faced with the prospect of digging up a large area of tiles to locate the leak and the subsequent cost of then having to retile the entire room with new tiles at his own expense as he did not have enough spare tiles left.

Using a thermal imaging camera we were able to locate the likely source of the leak to within a few inches. As a result only a small number of tiles had to be removed to fix the leak. Once the area was dried, our customer was able to relay his spare tiles and repair the area with minimal cost.

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